2022 marks Walker Zanger’s 7th decade.

That’s a long time. Almost an entire lifetime. Certainly long enough to see design trends rise and fall and an entire industry blossom in our wake.

Walker Zanger was founded on innovation. It was a bold idea (at the time) to bring the elegance of marble to American consumers. But it worked. And, as the video above shows – it changed everything.

That’s because innovation is at the core of the Walker Zanger brand. From incredible and exclusive stone and tile products and the bold curation of leading-edge design collections, to fresh thinking and cutting-edge technology, Walker Zanger has been setting impossibly high standards for generations. 

Consider it vision. Consider it leadership. We consider it history.

Ever Forward

As a brand, Walker Zanger has spent little time ruminating on the import of this landmark year. While we recognize that there are precious few brands that can look back at such a long and storied history, we’re far more interested in looking the other way – to the future.

After all, that’s where we’re headed. That’s where the design trends of tomorrow will be found. And that’s where innovation lives.

How will the lifetime behind us compare to the generations before us? How will the industry we helped forge grow and evolve over the coming decades?

We don’t know for certain, but we do know that Walker Zanger will remain at the industry’s vanguard, always a stone ahead of tomorrow’s trends.

Our extensive global sourcing network – developed over a lifetime of travel to the far reaches of the planet – continues to open up new worlds of design, especially in the capable hands of our talented designers. Working together with top artisanal tile workshops, we create exclusive, bespoke products to define one-of-a-kind spaces.

This, more than anything, is Walker-Zanger’s legacy: Inspired and innovative design.

Tomorrow Knows

Walker Zanger strides into the future with a confidence befitting a company of our age and stature. Whatever is needed, we shall innovate and create along the way.

Landmarks are useful for letting you know where you are on your journey. They highlight where you’ve been, and point the way to where you’re going. Walker Zanger appreciates the significance of our 70th anniversary for precisely these reasons.

But forgive us for being more interested in the future than the past. There’s so much more to discover ahead.

Thank you to all of our customers over these past 7 decades. Thank you to those who have guided us, and those who have brought our vision to life. Our gratitude is without measure, and without end.

We’ll see you tomorrow.