Minimalism Realized: Tile Can Deliver Clean, Crisp Designs

Minimalism is a hot trend in interior design. The adage that less is more sums up how many designers approach this style. But what exactly does minimalism mean when it comes to design? It’s all about clean lines and clutter-free spaces. Surfaces, colors and textures are all important, and the right tile choice can bring your space to life.

Minimalism Defined

Minimalism, an aesthetic that’s only a few decades old, focuses on simplicity. It captures the necessities and removes the excess and ornate. The movement sprung from a desire to strip things down to the essentials and reject the overelaborate.

Its origin story features a group of New York artists in the 1960s experimenting with geometric abstraction. This led to a concentration on shapes and forms in their purest state. Those original art pieces and ideas led to the current trend.

Minimalism in Interior Design and Architecture

That same desire for simple lines and straightforward design then began to influence interior design and architecture. Even though this aesthetic eschews the decorative, it’s certainly not cold or sterile. There is plenty to catch the eye in a minimalist setting – it’s simply subtle rather than loud.

As the style has evolved over the years, it’s taken on certain characteristics that are now synonymous with minimalism. These include:

  • Flat design or 2D lines
  • Order and neatness with as little clutter as possible
  • Neutral or subdued colors (whites, grays, beiges and natural hues)
  • Consistent textures and tones
  • Minimal amounts of materials
  • Open-plan layouts and spatial arrangements
  • Respect for space
  • Form following function
  • Natural touches


Embrace Minimalism with High-Quality Tile

Walker Zanger offers a large selection of tile that helps achieve a minimalist design.

The Elemental Collection is minimal design realized. These tile selections embody minimalism with clean lines and neutral colors and are perfect for contemporary spaces.

The 4D Collection features textures in several patterns, including chevron and hex. Opt for white pieces to add interest to walls.

Bera & Beren porcelain tiles have large-format textured and patterned wall tiles in neutral shades. Use these tiles to create an ultra-modern look.

The Architek Collection delivers a durable, affordable and sleek porcelain tile. Consider whites and grays.

Clean shapes and crisp lines dominate the Tribeca Collection, inspired by early 20th century Manhattan. With a palette of white, gray and black, it’s subtly stunning.

The classic 6th Avenue Collection includes “Subway Tile” and organic shapes that elevate any room. 

If you are most impressed by unique lines, then Ovolo is an excellent ceramic tile. Available in several neutral shades, Ovolo mutes colors in favor of expressive lines. Another geometric option is Wave, which offers a “wave” effect on classic subway tiles.

The City Bricks Collection mimics the character of real bricks organically, and a pattern of veins lies within each tile.

With so many options from Walker Zanger, you are sure to find inspiration when creating your minimalist design. Inspired by art, architecture, fashion and nature, Walker Zanger captures beautiful moments in every handcrafted piece.

Products are available through 13 showrooms and dealers nationwide. Find a showroom or dealer today to experience these collections for yourself.


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