Green with Envy: Tile Helps Capture Trendy, Mint Green Designs

Mint green is carving itself an important niche in the modern designer’s rotation. The eye-catching (and sometimes eye-popping) color has become integral to setting spaces apart, and tile, particularly in places like the kitchen and bathroom, can be an integral part of helping your space get noticed in this mint trend.

Where does Mint Green Belong?

Mint green is being incorporated throughout kitchens and bathrooms across the country, with designers using the color for all sorts of styles and visions.

In kitchens, it can help soften the overall look of the space or harken back to days gone by when it leans on a grayer, muted tone to avoid standing out in a traditional space1. Mint can also heighten marble by working together with the stone to create a unique and unified look or stand out on its own as part of a feature wall.

Tile backsplashes are ideal, offering a great place to hit your kitchen with a pop of mint green that effortlessly complements the entire space. Café in Moroccan Mint is a ceramic 3” x 6” subway tile that delivers all of the nuances of Mint Green in one box of tile. Moroccan Mint pairs beautifully with black accessories and trim. For a trendy touch pair the shade with caned accessories or cabinet fronts.

The same principles can be applied to bathrooms, where tile, in particular, can shine as part of a cohesive design. Showers, accent tile, rugs – mint green can be incorporated in a variety of ways to achieve that show stopping vision. The designers at 22 Interiors completed a minty-fresh bathroom renovation pairing Bronte Saltbush and Bronte River Mint from our Pietta Donovan collection to create a dream oasis. This collection offers playful tile selection in both ceramic and cement. Woollahra River Mint is a cement tile that is a perfect match for the collections ceramic River Mint shapes.

Think outside the box to highlight that effective tile choice throughout the house, as well – trending searches including the hot and trendy color show designers leveraging it in paintings, rugs, table cloths, pillows and more, accents that can bring the entire look together.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

So, you’re now aware that mint green is huge and is projected to find new heights.

But how can you take advantage?

With Walker Zanger’s Kaleidoscope collection, our mint matter color is ready to step in and make keeping pace with the mint-green-minded design trend a breeze. The collection offers two shapes that can be utilized to create a one-of-a-kind look – using triangle and square cuts, our Kaleidoscope collection stands ready to help you hit that room with the touch of mint you’re looking for.

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