Remodeling Success Tips: Make Your House Home, Part 1



Installation Tips

If your remodel includes a tile installation, rather than hiring a handyman or taking on the job yourself—particularly if it entails challenging applications or intricate patterning—it’s a good idea to hire a professional installer. 

The ideal installer will be certified and licensed with current insurance and a portfolio of successful projects. Further, those with CTEF training are experts on the tile industry’s latest techniques.  

Once you have a list of potential installer candidates in mind, ask important questions.

Those questions should include how many tiles will be needed, how much time to complete, and the number of crew members required to get the job done.



Also, ask to see photos of completed projects, and inspect for even spacing, balanced tile cuttings, and straight grout lines. Pay attention to challenging window, door, and window areas. Red flags are large gaps, too much grout, or ill-fitting tiles. 

Choosing the Right Tile

When it comes to tile, choose a high-quality product that’s beautiful and durable. Found in eclectic and traditional spaces around the world, Walker Zanger products have been a favorite of established designers for more than 60 years.

With a focus on human artistry and enduring craftsmanship, our handmade tiles are crafted by artisans in either our factory in Mexico, Moroccan ceramic studio, or Italian mosaic workshop.

Our stone, tile, and slab collections are hand-selected from quarries around the world by second- and third-generation stone experts.  

Carrying tile collections that span the spectrum—from sculptural ceramics to subtle porcelain tiles, we deliver unmatched excellence, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

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