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Remodeling Success Tips: Make Your House Home, Part 2



Create a Roadmap

Any remodeling venture can be a hectic experience, but there are several steps you can follow that will help keep you on track, ensuring project success: 

  • Preparation: Be prepared for change and all that it entails (the demo, the wide range of products, and inevitable challenges) and commit yourself to the project’s end. 
  • Consider Your Wants and Needs: Form a specific vision for your project by determining the goals you want to achieve and what changes need to be made.
  • Timing: Set a realistic timeline that allows for designing, shopping, ordering, hiring, scheduling, and build-out.
  • Pick Your Products: Shop online and offline, peruse product catalogs, visit showrooms and specialty stores, and write down the costs of both preferred and alternative products.
  • Budget: Once you’ve shopped and compared different product options set a budget based on what you can actually spend as well as what your financing options will allow.
  • Bring in the Pros: Enlist the aid of professionals with the expertise to get the job done right, on time, and within budget. 

Knowing the Pros

To recruit the right professionals for your project, we've outlined a glossary of trade professions typically involved in any remodeling project.

  • Renovation Consultants: Similar to a party or wedding coordinator, these experts assess a space, make recommendations, and can even connect you to the pros that meet your project goals and vision.
  • Architects: These professionals are trained in building design, engineering, and ergonomics and should be engaged when required changes influence the structure, room-to-room flow, or mechanics of a space.
  • Designers: Typically certified in a specific area or multiple capacities (i.e., CBD-certified bath designer, CKD-certified kitchen designer, CKBD-certified kitchen, and bath designer), designers assist in the planning and the material selection stages of a remodel.
  • Builders: These specialists are responsible for contracting and supervising the new construction portion of a remodel.
  • Designer/Builders: A fusion of architectural planning, engineering, and construction expertise, these pros can mastermind a project from start to finish.
  • Contractors: Overseeing a project to ensure expectations, a contractor manages vendors and tradespeople, coordinate day-to-day responsibilities, and communicate relevant information to all parties.
  • Interior Designer: Selecting products, materials, and finishes—from flooring and millwork to sofas and drapes—an interior designer coordinates with you and construction teams to meet your remodeling vision.
  • Suppliers: Ranging from home stores, lumber yards, and building-product dealers, these reps not only provide construction materials and products but can also offer advice and insights to speed through implementation.

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