Tile Tips from the Property Brothers

Are you in love with your kitchen and bathrooms, or are these spaces longing for an obvious refashioning? Before budgeting for a complete renovation plan, consider the solution might be in the tile.

Using Tile to Transform your Space 

From flooring and countertops to walls and backsplashes, statement tiling is on trend for 2019!  

When it comes to redefining that special space, tile can make a striking impression, providing both durable functionality and visual impact. Include a color-contrasting grout and you’ll find you’ve created a unique dimension and defining element worthy of declaration.  

Tile can be entirely versatile and at Walker Zanger, you can find everything from marble stone slabs to vintage-looking wood. Whether it’s color, texture, size or surface, the personality of tile has the capability of reviving your space with elegance and charm.

With so much to choose from and a plethora of inspiration, incorporating tile can be just the lift your home or office needs!

Take some advice from our friends, the Property Brothers. These home improvement design icons are known and trusted for sharing their thoughts and design ideas online and on TV. From tile tips to home hacks to design discussions, these gentleman love to help their community members with their renovation projects. Here are several helpful tips on how you can enliven your space with tile.

  1. If you love the sophisticated beauty of Carara marble but want to spend your renovation money on more than your countertops, choose Secolo porcelain slabs or Cava Bianco porcelain tiles to recreate the timeless look of marble.
  2. If you want something more durable than hardwood floors, you can get plank style porcelain with a wood-grain glaze or engineered hardwood flooring – a new offering from Walker Zanger.
  3. The backsplash often serves as the focal point of the kitchen so it’s important to put the same thought into it when remodeling your home. A unique tile layout will make the room pop! If you choose a lightly colored backsplash, welcome in personality with different colored accessories: an aqua vase one day, a yellow teapot the next.
  4. Upgrade your bathroom to a spa-like retreat. This space should be your sanctuary, where relaxation happens. Turn up the glamour with Biseau or transform the space by bringing in a coastal vibe with Bayview.
  5. Style every space, even those that guests don’t see. Give your laundry room nostalgic style with Kaleidoscope flooring or cover the walls with lively energy with statement leafy patterns from the Botanicals collection.
  6. Choose one full wall in your home and bring it to life with tile.

Bring Your Vision to Life With Walker Zanger 

Jonathan and Drew Scott also suggest you go online and pull inspiration photos so you can give yourself some parameters. Then, visit a Walker Zanger showroom to see first-hand your preferred designs and how they will fit into your building or remodeling plan.

Whether you’re seeking a total redesign of your space, or you’d like to add a pop of trending color in a new and unexpected way, tile can be key in evolving your unique vision. The right tile can transform a room and bring your vision to life.