Tile Trends to Watch

Learn how you can use beautiful Walker Zanger tiles to enliven your home!

The creative use of tiles can completely transform a space as the versatility of this design staple allows for a wide variety of decorative opportunities. From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors to porches, entryways and fireplaces, there is a wide variety of fun, elegant, retro, and worldly tile designs to inspire your next renovation. 

Artful Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a standout among tile trends for 2019. The speckled composite is being integrated into some surprising places. “The use of terrazzo in both tile and furniture design is on the rise, as is using natural stones and materials consisting of embedded rock and concrete,” says Brigitte Coleman, design director of Pembrooke & Ives.

“The juxtaposition makes for a stunning piece that becomes a functional work of art.” 

Terrazzo is enjoying a renewed popularity as the historic roots meld with innovation and technology translating into a cultured, worldly expression brilliant for contemporary architecture and interior design. 

The Fragmenta Terrazzo Collection from Walker Zanger features the ancient art of combining marble fragments and cement, creating the beautiful narrative of terrazzo that dates to early Greek and Egyptian times. High-quality craftsmanship supports a tradition of masterfully balancing ancient craft techniques with modern production processes to form artful floors, walls, facades and other surfaces applications. 

Classically Elegant Neutrals 

Allison Perry of Elle Décor explains that the classic bathroom is always on trend. One traditional yet fresh look uses a monochromatic element throughout the whole space. A singular strong color or material throughout is a great way to achieve this look, and “classic tile and motifs can be incorporated still but using all of one material creates a fun jewel box-like look to the space.” In other words, neutral doesn’t have to feel tired or recycled—get creative and spice up a space while remaining classically elegant with neutrals.  

The Stone Mosaic Collection from Walker Zanger includes the Studio ModerneTM Stone collection of ceramic tile and stone inspired by Hollywood Regency, Art Deco and Classic Modernism. This line of understated but moving shades and geometric patterns are the perfect tiles to incorporate into your neutral motif. 


Dimensional, Dynamic Finishes 

Multidimensional tile with a visually dynamic finish will be popular in 2019. This style emphasizes the design of the surface and “has the ability to be a chameleon and can change with the room as the light changes,” says Decorist design team, Massucco Warner Miller. “It has a dull luster during daylight hours (and will nicely reflect whatever other colors are in the space) and feels really seductive in the evening hours with the lights on low.”  

The team recommends utilizing such textures to visually expand a small space while avoiding the harsh reflection that can result from a clean mirrored tile. The Walker Zanger Stardust Collection fits beautifully with this style, with options such as highly-textured lava stone mixed with metallics. According to renowned designer, Kristen Guy, this “collection is filled with deep dark hues and warm earth-toned palettes while showcasing a slight twinkle of celestial sparkle mixed with patterns reminiscent of 70’s glam and opulence—all of these scream, Ooh là là!” 

From one pair of hands to the next, each Walker Zanger product in our catalog is carefully shepherded from a ceramic studio in Morocco, or a mosaic workshop in Italy to its final destination—the residence or business that inspires you, shelters you, and expresses your deepest wishes for a space of beauty and refinement.  

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