Walker Zanger: Inspiring Creation


With all the advances taking place in interior design these days, creating something truly special in a new home has become more challenging than ever, with homeowners and designers spoiled for choice.

So Why Choose Walker Zanger?

A number of reasons, actually. We’ve built our business on relationships that span oceans and generations — from the stone quarries and artisanal workshops where we conceive and produce our distinctive products, to the lifelong clients and partners who select our tile and stone for their homes and businesses. 


Artisanal Design, Unmatched Quality

It’s also about the quality and selection of our offerings. We work with traditional materials like ceramic, glass, stone, and porcelain, as well as modern options such as quartz and concrete. Many cultures have artisanal traditions that stretch back centuries. Whether it’s tile makers in Mexico and Morocco or stonecutters in France and Italy, we work directly with these artists to bring you tile and stone of peerless quality and design.


Design Realized

But Walker Zanger is about more than just incredible materials; we are also deeply attuned to the design process and experts at turning vague ideas into concrete masterpieces. Whether it’s a show-stopping ceiling to floor art wall or a simple kitchen backsplash, the best way to make your vision a reality is to work with a partner who not only understands the materials you want to work with but how to nurture and channel your creativity into the best possible results. We are intimately familiar with this process, as many of our collections are designed in-house by creative VP Jared Becker, who’s creations explore modern design in totally new mediums. Jared also works directly with the artisans who produce the tiles to ensure that every detail of his designs is perfect, no matter what the material. And when it comes to those, with Walker Zanger, the sky is the limit—we work with some of the most luxurious stones in the world, including Tuscan travertine and Carrara marble, as well as practical, versatile cement and quartzite.


Visualization Tools and Spaces


We also understand that sometimes creativity needs a little nudge. Our exceptional collections feature some of the greatest hits from design history, like our latest ceramic collection inspired by the Memphis Design movement of the 1980s. We also offer an online visualization tool to help inspire you and get the creativity flowing. It’s good fun, too!


Of course, pictures can never quite capture the incredible colors and textures of our material. Fortunately, though, we have 13 curated showrooms and slab galleries strategically located across the country as well as 200 authorized dealers hailing from the states, Canada and Japan, enabling you to truly visualize what your project will look and feel like. More than just stone and tile, Walker Zanger’s showrooms are a one-stop-shop for home design. With beautiful hands-on slab boutiques and friendly, knowledgeable sales reps, Walker Zanger provides the products and places that empower visionary concepts and facilitate beautifully completed design projects.

These are just a few of the reasons why Walker Zanger has been an industry leader for the past 67 years. To see for yourself, just walk into any of our showrooms or go to https://www.walkerzanger.com.

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