As we wave goodbye to winter, spring whispers its arrival in hues of dewy greens, floral yellows, and sky blues. Walker Zanger embraces the season of renewal with a selection of tiles and slabs inspired by the spirit of spring. Keep reading to discover our top picks.

Diamond Blue Polished Marble

Indulge in the luxury of Diamond Blue Polished Marble, where bold meets sophistication in every veined detail. Once reserved for grand estates, Diamond Blue Marble now graces modern interiors with a dazzling pop of color. Let the shimmering blues and whites inspire your designs.

Gallerie ZLG

While the inspiration is very specific, the famous glazed Zellige tiles of Morocco – the appeal of Gallerie ZLG tiles is universal. Made in Spain, they bring together centuries of craft tradition and Walker Zanger expertise in ceramics. In ten colors that range from spring-like pastels to rich indigos, bronze, and ebony shades, the glazed tiles and mosaics mix marvelously.

Pink Onyx

The ethereal appeal of Pink Onyx: where sheets of rose-colored glass come to life in mesmerizing hues. Perfect for feature spaces seeking a taste of the extraordinary, this Onyx slab transforms any space it graces into a gallery of nature.

6th Avenue

Handcrafted in Walker Zanger’s studio, the 6th Avenue collection captures the casual chic of one of New York’s coolest thoroughfares. Durable white-body ceramic tiles come in hexagons, rectangles, and a variety of curved Chevron shapes, as well as a stunning Museum mosaic. Shades range from light-bouncing cream, bisque, and beige tones to more assertive green, blue, and black.

Jade Green Onyx

Jade Green Onyx boasts a combination of sea-like greens with rolling accents of white, gold, and bronze. An exceptional example of the transparent quality of onyx, which like stacked sheets of tinted glass, tells a color story all on its own. These rare stone slabs furnish spaces like bars, reception counters, and bath suites with singular surfaces.


This palette references nature’s softer side, with willow green, sky blue, peach-pink shell, and ivory, all polished to a gentle gloss. The beguiling Harper collection comes in conventional rectangular field tiles as well as fascinating picket and angled options.

As the world celebrates the new season, let Walker Zanger be your source of design inspiration. Visit one of our showrooms to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of our collections firsthand, and let your imagination take flight.