For over two decades, Pantone has selected a Color of the Year, and 2020 has its winner.

PANTONE 19-4052, known as Classic Blue, has taken the title for the first year of the new decade, offering homeowners and designers a glimpse at the first trend of the 20s.

Ready to kick off an on-trend, cutting-edge 2020? Walker Zanger tile can help you take advantage of the year’s hottest shade with a wide range of products ready to tackle Classic Blue designs.

As Pantone puts it, Classic Blue is “suggestive of the sky at dusk,” providing reassurance, thoughtfulness, peace and restfulness to a space. However, that doesn’t mean Classic Blue can’t pop.

The color can play a strong role as the primary color of a mosaic design or serve as an eye-catching backsplash that still serves to define a tranquil, steady aura in your space.

Mixing tile that evokes the trendy color with appliances and other fixtures, such as cabinets, done up in Classic Blue can also help you tie your overall vision together, giving you the perfect final piece to complete your dream design.

The color can also be evoked and accented by large, dominant design choices, like a Magna recycled-glass slab from Walker Zanger.

In short, there are a multitude of ways to lean on Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, and tile from Walker Zanger can help you go from design dream to Classic Blue reality.

As an industry leader in providing both commercial and residential customers with lasting and beautiful tile, Walker Zanger is ready to enter the new decade alongside you and help you take advantage of the first Pantone Color of the Year.

If you’re ready to jump into an interesting, standout mosaic design, Walker Zanger’s Fatima Decorative Field, part of our hand-painted and vintage-inspired Duquesa™ Collection, is the perfect tile to fulfill your design vision.

The collection also features a Mezzanotte Field option for a more classic, solid feel that still evokes and complements the Classic Blue theme you’re after.

Our newest collection, the Pietta Donovan Collection, also features both ceramic and cement options to help you evoke the inspiration, joy and serenity of Classic Blue. In the ceramic collection, our Charette color comes in Brick, Zed, Matilda, Maroubra and Bronte styles, while the cement collection’s Neenish design in Opal provides interesting and unique contrast.

To add texture and intrigue to the space, Walker Zanger’s Robert A.M Stern collection in deep sea tones and Wave, Otto and Ovolo patterns can provide the unique and interesting finished look you’ve conjured up for your design.

These are just a few of the many options Walker Zanger has to help you achieve an on-trend, Classic Blue design that will evoke exactly the stability and emotion you’re searching for as you embark on your own 2020 journey.