At Walker Zanger, we understand the importance of eco-friendly materials in creating beautiful and environmentally conscious spaces. From recycled glass tiles to responsibly sourced stone, our brand is committed to offering sustainable options that elevate your projects while reducing environmental impact. Are you designing with sustainability in mind? Continue reading to be inspired by some of our sustainable surface offerings.

City Bricks

Explore the charm of City Bricks, where the warmth of traditional brick merges with contemporary flair. Crafted from recycled post-industrial content and locally sourced natural clay, City Bricks goes beyond style—it’s a statement of sustainability. Each tile boasts its own story, with distinctive texture and character, infusing every space with a rustic sense of warmth and personality.


Laminam proudly pioneers eco-friendly solutions that prioritize both style and sustainability. Their investment in research and innovation drives them to use natural materials and innovative technologies, shaping spaces that embody beauty while respecting our planet. By leveraging renewable energy sources like solar power and implementing advanced emissions abatement systems, Laminam leads the charge toward a greener future, boasting an impressive 20-60% recycled material content, while an astounding 95% of their raw waste is reused, showcasing their commitment to minimizing environmental impact at every stage of production. Read more about Laminam’s sustainability story here.

Design: AG Designs Co Photography: Lauren Miller Photography

Emersyn Lane

Bringing tranquility to residential walls and interiors, Emersyn Lane Penny rounds are crafted from recycled glass for a touch of eco-chic charm. These mosaic tiles aren’t just beautiful—they’re a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and repurposing materials in innovative ways.

Ready to start designing with our planet in mind? We invite you to join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference—one beautiful space at a time. Visit a Walker Zanger showroom to learn more about the sustainable solutions we have to offer.