There is a quiet calm that takes over a space when black is brought into the design, similar to the stillness we experience in our homes after midnight. That can be a time of great peace for many busy spaces. A time when we have some solitude and moments of rest.  

Black in interior design can center a space with its own quiet elegance while also delivering a bold focal point. As we look at black expressed through stone and tile, we look for the surface to serve as a base in the room, and dress it up a bit and deliver that after midnight stillness we all desire in our spaces.  


Black used as flooring allows for a room to feel settled. It helps to serve as an anchor for the space. Consider celebrating this barefoot luxury with our Fragments Terrazzo or Byzantium. Statement-making floors may be considered a design risk, however, those who take the risk will be rewarded with the base of an elegant living space. The toughness of porcelain can be found in our Botanicals field tiles, or honor the tried and true history of marble with our New York inspired Tribeca or Belgian Black from our Marble Luxe collection.


Yes, we know America loves a white kitchen. Have you considered anchoring the space with black surface? Alternatively, you could consider black slabs for the perimeter of your space and allow for your island to shine with a creamy white. Leanne Ford recently selected Walker Zanger for chic soapstone with a waterfall edge as she updated her kitchen. This stone is cool to the touch and tough as nails. The rugged beauty of soapstone allows for a casual-elegance in the space.

If you are looking for a more polished experience consider Secolo Porcelain slabs, Magna Recycled glass or granite in a brushed finish. Walker Zanger has slab galleries throughout the country, our experts can help you find the perfect surface for your lifestyle.

Walls and Backsplashes

Now we get to really have fun. Drama can be the name of the game with backsplashes. Look to our Ellington collection for thoughtfully created tiles featuring jet-black limestone and prominent metal brass details. Consider this collection the striking accessory to your perfect tuxedo; just the right touch of glam. For those seeking a black without the bling, look to our Sixth Avenue collection, both the Hexagon and Chevron shapes will provide an added detail to your design.

Whether you look to natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic; field tile or mosaic – Walker Zanger has the perfect black stone and tile to help you find that quiet elegance we all desire in our designs after midnight, or around the clock.