At Walker Zanger, we understand that luxury lives in the details. Perpetua Quartz embodies this philosophy, offering both sophistication and durability in one exquisite package.

Part of our engineered stone collection, Perpetua Quartz is meticulously crafted. These premium quartz slabs have it all—durability, diverse color, and richly complex markings that define any room they play a role in.

From the soft white of Majestic Calacatta, to the mysterious Metropolis Dark Grey (shown below), there are over 30 tones to explore in the Walker Zanger collection. Designers have the option to select a polished slab for a glossy finish or brushed slab for a matte, textured look. Explore the dynamic palette, here.

These slabs can stand alone, creating highly unified spaces exuding opulence, or as a stunning backdrop for more graphic tiles and slabs, allowing you to create captivating designs that reflect a unique vision.

Why Perpetua Quartz?

For those who aim to make every design a masterpiece, Perpetua Quartz is carefully designed for excellence. Each element of these slabs, from the detailed veining and texture to the versatile colorways, is crafted to inspire.

After infusing precious minerals with a powerful resin, an intense polishing process creates a striking final product. Distinctive lines add depth to the surface, emulating the look of marble or granite. While Perpetua Quartz has many visual similarities to these natural stones, as a handmade material, it requires much less maintenance.

The luxury doesn’t stop there. Engineered to face the demands of everyday life and stand the test of time, Perpetua Quartz boasts exceptional resistance to scratches, making it well-suited for spaces that combine functionality with signature style.

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