In the realm of home design, where every surface has the potential to become a statement, the choice of stone slabs can be the defining element that transforms the two most used rooms in a home into a masterpiece. At Walker Zanger, we understand the transformative power of meticulously curated slabs, selected to inspire designers to push the boundaries of creativity. We’re pleased to showcase four extraordinary slabs that promise to elevate kitchen and bath designs.


A distinguished mineral, Abaco quartzite offers a dynamic interplay of blues and greys with distinct veining and movement reminiscent of serene coastal landscapes. Carefully selected by our seasoned experts, each Abaco quartzite slab signals quiet luxury and subtle elegance. Suitable for adorning large-scale surfaces or jewel-box spaces including backsplashes, countertops, walls, and floors, Abaco infuses any space with an unmistakable aura of coastal grace and timeless charm.


Unveil the delicate allure of Pink Quartz, an exquisite slab with dramatic dark veining against a warm, muted rosy tint. Harmonizing effortlessly with bold graphic patterns or monochromatic palettes of layered blush and whisper-soft pink tones, Pink Quartz is the perfect canvas for bathroom artistry. In a setting prone to moisture, heat and daily use, the durability of this beautiful material also makes it a practical choice.


Lyskamm from the Perpetua Quartz collection is a neutral with superpowers that can anchor every kitchen design style. Part of the engineered stone collection, Perpetua Quartz is available in 30 distinctive tones, all meticulously crafted for premium durability, diverse color, and richly complex markings, in a selection of matte and glossy finishes.


Discover the captivating Super Crystal Extra Polished granite, the embodiment of drama and grandeur. Witness the contrasting sinuous lines and translucent quartz crystals combined with golden pieces of granite to form a visual masterpiece. Curated for countertops and wall cladding, Super Crystal Extra Polished Granite redefines opulence in any imaginative design.

Let these spectacular slabs be the cornerstone of your next kitchen or bath project, breathing life into your designs and leaving an indelible mark of luxury and sophistication. For additional information and to explore these products in person, contact your local Walker Zanger showroom representative today.