Bathroom tiles have the ability to transform a space through color and texture, and Walker Zanger’s unique collection of tile options helps you bring your design vision to life. 

Let’s explore how you can bring a touch of fun to your child’s bathroom – without sacrificing high design and aesthetics. 

The Kaleidoscope Collection

In particular, the Kaleidoscope tile collection is the perfect combination of fun and high design. Kaleidoscope, a collection of triangle and square porcelain tiles combining the best aspects of a variety of design inspirations, comes in fun matte colors perfect for a kid’s bathroom makeover.

Pietta Donovan

If the style that you are looking for is more classic, consider the Pietta Donovan ceramic collection, which includes nine solid colors. The ceramic tiles also come in five unique geometric shapes that can be arranged into innumerable designs, from maximal to minimal.  


The Pietta Donovan collection is created to evoke serenity through design. A kid’s bathroom should be fun, but also peaceful in order to encourage a sleepy bedtime routine. Mix shapes and colors for moments of joy or create serenity in design through single colors and shapes. Details come alive through handmade ceramic tiles, delicate edges, and intricate patterns. These tiles await your creativity.  

Elevating the Overall Environment

When choosing from the variety of Walker Zanger’s tile choices, consider the environment that you are trying to create.  


Choose muted pastels for a spa-like experience, or bright tilework to mimic a theme. Consider the size of the space and how the colors will transform your child’s bathroom.  


For a larger space, choose brighter and lighter colors. An excellent choice would be Brick Ivory in a ceramic material. It will open the room and make the space feel larger, and its neutral tone can play both opposite loud, fun themes like a child’s favorite movie or colorful art or alongside more calming décor, such as outdoor themes or animals and nature.


For a cozier feel, consider a darker color, such as Brick Charette, in a gloss finish. It would pair well with a nautical theme for your child’s dreamy bathroom.


The options are endless for fun bathroom design that also achieves high design at the same time. Walker Zanger has a variety of unique tiles using different textures and materials that will be perfect for your next room makeover.