When interior designer Kay Lang sought to bring to life the architectural details of a Southern California Autograph Collection hotel, she looked to Walker Zanger to create the perfect tile palette. Working with AO Architect and Kay Lang + Associates, Walker Zanger crafted a custom tile esthetic that nestled right into the region’s architectural details. Walker Zanger celebrated the rich history of the region and design of the hotel with a presentation of stunning hand-painted decorative tiles and custom terracotta details. 

Custom 6×6, 4×4, and 2×2 inch hand-painted decorative tiles are used throughout the exterior of the hotel. A balanced color palette welcomes guests on exterior stairways throughout the hotel grounds. These tiles reflect the rich mission history of the region.  

For interior walls, Kay Lang + Associates selected tiles from our Duquesa collection. Duquesa is a collection of hand-painted tiles that draws on Mediterranean influences, each tile is hand-painted on a cream background, creating a rich vintage look. The Duquesa Fatima Mezzanote and Catarina Ambra are used throughout the restrooms for decorative details in the hotel’s public spaces. These gentle blue and ochre colors pull forward the architecture of the hotel.  

For flooring details, our handcrafted Spanish Cotto, a terracotta tile made in Mexico from locally-sourced red clay, is used throughout the hotel’s common areas. This tile, a regionally significant material, truly honors the area in Mexico where many of our tiles are made add architectural significance to the hotel.  

For a design centerpiece of the hotel, a striking terracotta medallion was created to enhance design between the hotel’s common areas and the entrance of guest sleeping rooms. For this dramatic floor display, we sourced a 108-inch custom four color terracotta medallion from Italy. Kay Lang envisioned the medallion, it was our job to help her design be realized. This same terracotta was used throughout the hotel as a striking border around dark rich wood floors.  

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Walker Zanger Inventory Materials

Duquesa Catarina Ambra Deco

Duquesa Alba Mezzanote Deco

Duquesa Fatima Mezzanote

Spanish Cotto 13×13

Walker Zanger Custom Materials

108” Diameter Custom Terracotta Medallion from Italy

Custom 6×6, 4×4 and 2×2 decorative tiles.

Custom trim to work with the decorative tiles

Custom Terracotta Border

Custom Terracotta in 12×12 and 8×8 size formats.

Interior Designer

Kay Lang + Associates


AO Architects

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