Beyond the Surface
Our company began with a quest: To find unique products so designers and homeowners can create their boldest visions.

This pursuit has led us all over the world to find the most unique, original and thought-provoking tile, stone and wood materials – materials that have yet to be considered – materials that cause a designer to dream of new design possibilities at first glance. The history of human connection with natural stone is written deep in ancient quarries. Walker Zanger has been engaged in this tradition for 67 years, offering our clients prized Carrara marble and exceptional stone from quarries throughout the world, each individually selected and evaluated by our experienced stone masters.

Although the art of quarrying stone has changed dramatically over the years, what has remained constant is the human artistry involved.

The human connection is the bedrock of our company. Our reputation and passion for offering the finest natural slab, tile and stone reflect our commitment to human artistry. Since 1952, it’s what we stand for.

Walker Zanger stone experts inspect and hand-select each stone slab.
Stone and Tile Experts
No material ships without our final approval, ensuring that when you select your stone, tile or slabs in our showrooms and slab boutiques, you receive the finest selection the quarry has to offer. 

It takes years to learn the intricacies of natural stone and it is often a skill passed down through family lineage. We are lucky to have second and third generation natural stone experts working with us to ensure that we ship only the best quality stones.

Our exclusive Walker Zanger materials and collections reflect our commitment to human artistry in its many forms. We continually draw inspiration from world travels, from past and present influences to craft unique products that express a distinctive point-of-view.

We are proud to present exclusive collections inspired and created by some of design industry’s most influential minds today. Michael Berman, Robert A.M. Stern, and Pietta Donovan have all lent their aesthetic vision to Walker Zanger products.

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