Handmade Craftsmanship
A Hallmark of Walker Zanger.

We believe that the hand of the artisan and craftsperson brings additional value to the products they make and dimension to your space. Through ceramic factory, we continue to bring our clients handmade tiles and support vital tile-making traditions.

Our facility, located in the beautiful highlands of San Miguel de Allende Mexico, is the largest employer in the area, and draws talented craftspeople from the region, which has a long tradition of tile making, art and design.

This story does not simply end with a beautifully sculpted ceramic border or an intricately pieced mosaic pattern.

The Walker Zanger Experience is so much more, and is the centerpiece of our company.

With the latest technology and handmade craftsmanship, we create tiles with authentic character.
A Proud Heritage
Celebrating a legacy of ceramic artistry that goes back hundreds of years. 

We are delighted to continue this authentic tradition with different types of hand craftsmanship, including tiles painted individually by hand, a rare craft in today’s increasingly automated world.

We understand how important this process is to you.

All of these tiles are lovingly crafted by hand in our Mexico factory. From one pair of hands to the next, each product is carefully shepherded to its final destination. With these products you can expect a final installation that features expressive beauty. While each tile is crafted through the same process, with a hand touch you can expect that each tile will have a gentle ease that you have come to expect from artisanal products.

Handmade collections:

6th Avenue, Andalucia, Ceramic Alhambra, City Brick, Gramercy Park, Robert A.M. Stern, Sketchbook, Spanish Cotto, Studio Moderne, Tilt, Tuileries, Vibe.

Walker Zanger Stone
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Bergdorf Goodman, New York
La Sirena Restaurant, New York

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