An innovative design selection that pushes the boundaries of architectural possibilities, Continuum by Walker Zanger is meticulously engineered to meet the demands of the most discerning architectural concepts.

These high-performance tiles, crafted with full-body porcelain construction, seamlessly marry durability with the aesthetic allure of natural stone. Purposely designed to withstand the rigors of frequently used areas in the home, Continuum tiles are not only robust, but incredibly versatile.

With sizes reaching up to 24” x 48”, the collection’s large-format tiles facilitate a continuous and captivating visual effect from floor to ceiling. Additionally, Continuum goes beyong conventional offerings by presenting two distinctive mosaic patterns, drawing inspiration from the efficiency and adaptability observed in nature.

The Continuum collection stands out for its high-performance attributes, exceptional durability, frost resistance, availability in large formats, and the inclusion of uniquely inspired mosaic patterns.

Continuum will be available early 2024 across Walker Zanger’s showroom network. Visit a showroom nearest you to experience the collection in person.