Introducing the Level Collection, an evolution of the traditional concept of concrete. This exclusive collection of porcelain mosaics and tiles offers clean lines for minimalist appeal that resonates with modern design sensibilities. Read on to be inspired by the new collection.

Pictured Above: Level Light Grey Matte

When it comes to surface selection in luxury interiors, porcelain has emerged as a trendsetter, celebrated for its durability, versatility, and style. The Level Collection redefines design with its remarkable textures, delicate grains, and lines that accentuate the natural beauty of the material. Crafted in a selection of sophisticated colorways, including dark grey, warm beige, serene white, sage green, and light grey, these tiles bring a harmonious palette to any space, catering to diverse design preferences.

Level tiles are expertly crafted from high-performance porcelain, making them incredibly durable, frost-resistant, and versatile for various applications. Available in matte and textured finishes both boasting a high degree of slip resistance, these tiles offer increased visual impact while maintaining safety. Large format options, such as 12 by 24 inch and 24 by 48 inch tiles, further expand the range of applications, allowing for seamless installations on both walls and floors.

Pictured Above: Level White Matte & Level Deco

Bryan Yates, Principal Designer of Dallas-based Yates Desygn, recently reviewed the collection and commented. “I could see Level tiles working well in the laundry room, mudroom, or secondary bathroom,” said Yates. “Everything from Walker Zanger is extraordinary and this collection is no exception.”

Pictured Above: Level Warm Textured

For designers who gravitate towards neutral palettes for their timeless appeal, Level provides a canvas for creativity, enabling seamless integration into a variety of design schemes. The Level Collection is now available for purchase at Walker Zanger showrooms nationwide. For more information or to explore the collection, visit a Walker Zanger location near you.

Pictured on Left: Level White Deco (Wall) Pictured on Right: Level Warm Matte