La Sirena is the newest restaurant of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, located on the Plaza Level of Chelsea’s storied Maritime Hotel. The bar is the centerpiece of the restaurant, which will ultimately seat around 300 people when the patio opens. The floor of the restaurant contains 8,000 square feet of Walker Zanger custom mosaic pattern crafted from Portuguese marble that contributes to the inviting atmosphere of the restaurant as a local place to have a drink and linger.

Designer: Lisa Eaton

Architect: TPG Architecture, New York

Restaurant Owner/Developer: B&B Hospitality

Location: The Maritime Hotel, 88 Ninth Avenue, New York City.

Walker Zanger Materials:

Flooring: 8,000 square feet of Custom Mosaic pattern in Estremoz Blanco and Ruivina Grey marbles (polished on the interior and honed on the exterior)

Accent Walls: 200 square feet of Rouge de Vitrolles Marble