Long thought of as a quiet sanctuary space in our homes. Master Bathrooms are calling out to be noticed. Let’s explore this space through the lens of stone and tile. 

Making a Statement

With this design style, gone are the days of monochrome color palettes. Design enthusiasts are calling out for a moment of joy in their master bathrooms. From floors to picking a wall, these statement areas are a perfect space to make a proclamation with stone or tile.  

We recently saw Driven By Décor remodel a master bath with the selection of Sterling Row Rattan as a stunning showcase wall behind a relaxing bath.  

Our Pietta Donovan cement tiles make a masterful statement against a rich marble-covered vanity. This large collection invites you to play with pattern and color, be bold, or find your perfect pitch within a muted symphony. 

Warm Earth Tones

“As trends turn towards warmer, earth tones, the bathroom is heading in that direction by shunning white marble in favor of stones with warmer hues like travertine and limestone.”

Marika Meyer of Meyer Interiors

Our Paloma Limestone is a beautifully uncomplicated color that truly celebrates the warmer earth tone design trend identified by Marika Meyer. We feature Paloma limestone in slabs, large format tiles, field tiles and is incorporated in our Michael Berman designed Studio Moderne Stone. Bring truly understated elegance to your master bath with Hollywood Grand or Hollywood Mosaic. The elegance of Paloma pairs beautifully with Gascogne Blue delivering dramatic glamor to your master oasis.

Hard-working materials

You’ll often hear a trade professional tell customers “look for porcelain”. Installers push you toward this hard-working material for a reason – well, many reasons. Porcelain is non-porous, hard to etch or stain, available in beautiful colors and designs that mimic natural stone, cement, or wood.  

At Walker Zanger we look to elevate this hard-working material. You will see intricate designs in our tiles, bold color patterns and Secolo, our large format porcelain slabs that deliver beautiful intricate veining. Our tile collections feature reflections of wood and embrace the unstoppable beauty of onyx.

Come celebrate porcelain with us, and turn your master bath oasis into a clean, design-forward space.

Shaped tile patterns

America loves subway tile, and we do to! However, now in our master bathrooms shaped patterns are ready for center stage. Geometric shapes are celebrated with squares, triangles and the ever sturdy hexagon. While more organic shapes can be found in our Ashbury and Julia, Cocoon, and Sofia mosaics found in our Sixth Avenue ceramics.  Deliver delicate curves and romantic lines to your space.  We achieved high-design in shaped, patterned ceramic tile in a collection with renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern. This collection features beautiful shapes that enhance your designs. Choose a neutral color palette, but bring the design to life with beautifully shaped tile patterns.  


Ready to create the master bath you truly deserve? We are ready to help you. Our design associates love to create beautiful spaces with tile and stone. Come visit us at a Walker Zanger showroom, book a design consultation today. Your master bath oasis awaits.