Architectural Leaders
Our brand is built on a promise to our visitors to wonder, “What will you create?” and “How will you be inspired?”

We endeavor to rise to the challenges of these questions, seeking more inventive, beautiful and technically-complex materials, surfaces and finishes to enchant, delight and inspire.

Our range encompasses ceramic, glass, stone, and porcelain, as well as alternative materials such as quartz and concrete.

From sculptural ceramics that push the boundaries of technical expertise, to subtle porcelain tiles that evoke elegance and refinement, Walker Zanger products are meticulously designed and artfully selected. Construction details, emerging color trends and alternative materials are hallmarks of our design-forward thinking.

Our newest collections feature collaborations with well-known architects and designers, materials that have been stretched to new limits to match our signature style. Walker Zanger tile and slab are recognized for their tactile appeal, exuberant aesthetic and fantastical possibilities.

At Walker Zanger, from one pair of hands to the next, each product featured in our catalog is carefully shepherded from a quarry in France, a ceramic studio in Morocco, or a mosaic workshop in Italy to its final destination — the residence or business that inspires you, shelters you, and expresses your deepest wishes for a space of beauty and refinement.

Whether your project is a simple bathroom remodel, a dream vacation home, or a chic boutique hotel, Walker Zanger delivers the finest material the world of stone and tile has to offer. We pride ourselves on treating every client with courtesy and professionalism, and offer products that will provide a lifetime of value and pleasure.

Walker Zanger. What will you create?

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A New Dimension of Design
The emphasis on quality and relationships has guided our family business and become the touchstone for Walker Zanger’s growth as the world’s leading luxury brand in the stone and tile industry.

As a family-owned business, Walker Zanger understands the value of relationships, consistency, and integrity. Our brand’s longevity and success is built on relationships that span generations: from the stone quarries and artisanal workshops where we conceive and produce our distinctive products to the lifelong clients and partners who select our tile and stone. Earning your trust and exceeding your expectations is our commitment to you.

Building or renovating a home or place of business can be a daunting and time-consuming project. In response, we have created showrooms that display our products in luxurious and intimate surroundings, staffed by approachable design experts who guide and advise each client. Such care and professionalism is consistent throughout our organization and stems for our conviction that only the highest level of personal service and dedication to our clients’ satisfaction is worthy of the Walker Zanger name.

More than 60 Years of Excellence Since 1952

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