Often the stars of our backyards, pools have the power to move us to a state of relaxation or transport us to our favorite vacation resort. Pools also made a comeback last year as homeowners sought to recreate the vacation experience at home. Just ask real estate site Zillow. The top keyword search last year was…you guessed it, “pool.” Demand for new in-ground residential pools in 2020 also rose 21% from 2019, according to industry research group Pool & Hot Tub Alliance. This is all putting pool design at the forefront again, as more homeowners look to create eye-catching aquatic retreats in their backyards this year. With temperatures rising in the lead up to the official start of summer next month, our minds have turned outward. Want some pool design inspiration? Read on.

Create a Seamless Waterside Sanctuary with Indoor/Outdoor Tile

If you love entertaining, then you might want to consider creating a seamless waterside sanctuary by blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces. The key to this look is pairing your indoor tile with matching outdoor tile in a material like porcelain so your guests can transition fluidly indoors to out. As an example: you can run textured rectangular tile like Reverso Grigio by Exterior Solutions all the way to the pool to give your whole backyard patio and pool space a calm and cohesive resort-like feeling.

Integrate Lounge Seating Within Your Small-Scale Pool

The smaller your backyard space, the more limited your options will be in terms of the size of pool you can build. But there are ways to maximize your outdoor footprint with smaller solutions like plunge pools or plunge pools/spa combos. Steps can pull double duty as tanning ledges too. By expanding the dimensions of the first step, you can create the perfect spot for soaking up the rays while reclining in the water. And for a complete look, add stone to your water lounge seating and you’ll be sunning in style in no time. 


Bring Your Tile to the (Infinity) Edge

There’s nothing more luxurious than an infinity-edge pool. Designed to be visually captivating, these pools cascade over an edge, generating a visual effect of water that has no boundaries. Apply your favorite stone or porcelain tile along wet walls and you can truly have a stunning man-made waterfall in your backyard.

Go Au Natural Stone

Why not take your outdoor space to its natural conclusion by bringing natural stone into your pool space? Granite, limestone, travertine, and other natural stones are all suitable for outdoor applications, depending on your local climate.

Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace a Trend

Terrazzo made a major design comeback several years ago and is still trending today. Terrazzo is crafted by mixing marble granite, quartz, and/or glass chips into a cement binder, making it is one of the most versatile, durable, and cost-effective tiling materials on the market. Available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors, terrazzo tile can be used in a range of outdoor environments. The unique speckle pattern, resembling confetti, can add a fun and playful vibe to the surround of your pool, for example.