Velluto reimagines the look and tactile experience of porcelain. Made in Italy, the collection mimics the subtle, recessed veining of marble in a first for Walker Zanger.

Marble, Worn by Time

The studio’s artisans and designers often look to nature for inspiration. For Velluto, the collection was born from the muse of elegant marble stones that were “marked by the passage of time” — often expressed through hollow veins, subtle shading, and material reliefs.

Walker Zanger uses new technology to transform two-dimensional graphics into realistic, 3D designs, giving the studio the ability to change the perception of a porcelain surface. As a result, they could now achieve a real, time-worn look to the eye and the tactile experience of soft, velvety stone. The blending of the two sensory experiences has birthed an entirely new definition of porcelain.

The resulting effect of the new creation echoes the graphic motif of grès porcelain while bringing out the nuanced elegance of marble.

Velvet to the Touch

Velluto’s design is influenced by its Italian meaning, ‘velvet,’ with a soft-to-the-touch experience typically reserved for natural stones. A softer approach also applies to its natural color palette of white, grey, and almond shades with subtle veining.

The tile collection comes in a variety of sizes, including large format 32″x32″, 12″x24″, and 4″x24″, as well as Hexagon and Chevron mosaics. Velluto can be used for commercial and residential flooring, countertops, and wall applications.

Velluto, the world’s most innovative porcelain stoneware, has arrived at Walker Zanger.

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