Oftentimes, having a small kitchen is a necessity because that’s what the available space dictates. Other times, a small kitchen is a luxury — a unique yet functional addition to any home. Whichever is the case, setting up a small kitchen can prove challenging considering all the things you need to include in your kitchen, like a stove, a countertop, ovens, and more. That said, designing a small kitchen is very much doable. And the design ideas below will get you well on your way to making the kitchen of your dreams come true, no matter how small it may be.

Go for a simple but efficient layout

The smaller the space, the more limited your options will be in terms of layout. So, you’ll have to get very creative to maximize every available space. For starters, you can take inspiration from galley-style kitchens, where services such as the dishwasher and stove are clustered together and storage is in upper and lower cabinets. You can also tighten up your work triangle such that key work stations are accessible by simply turning around or taking a couple of steps.

Invest in multi-purpose kitchen appliances

A small kitchen won’t be able to accommodate too many appliances. So, get yourself some kitchen appliances that can perform a variety of functions. A step in the right direction would be getting rice cookers that go beyond cooking rice, and can work as steamers as well. These are highly functional but easy to use and can be the only kitchen appliance you’d need if you’re living alone or with your partner only. They are even visually pleasing, adding a touch of style to any kitchen. Another good investment would be an air fryer oven that combines air frying with a host of other functions, including baking, broiling, roasting, toasting, and reheating food. By investing in these versatile appliances, you not only save up on space but also get that proverbial bang for your buck.

“Hide” what you can

The idea to conceal appliances as furniture has long been around, and is popular among interior designers. This idea is commonly referred to as the ‘hide it if you can’ principle, and it promotes functionality, but without necessarily sacrificing style. A perfect example in this case is the Induction Cooktop, which incorporates a cooking range into a countertop, thereby giving you ample space to work in without the setup taking too much space in your kitchen. ‘Hiding’ stuff clears your kitchen of clutter, too, making it appear bigger.

Make those walls useful

Again, when space is at a premium, make sure you maximize it. An easy way to do so is by making good use of your kitchen’s walls. Among other things, that means installing shelves and rods on the walls where you can place all your utensils and keep them away from your countertops. The rule of thumb here is: If it has a handle, hook it on the wall! In this way, you could free up whole cupboards and keep your kitchen clutter-free and looking more spacious.

Use colors to your advantage

One thing that’s guaranteed to work is to paint your kitchen in all the right colors. Pastel or light colors, in particular, can make any room look taller, as they reflect light and draw the eyes upward. It’s a good thing then that you can draw a ton of inspiration from all sorts of things, like the traditional whites of a meringue or the creamy, caramel palette of Crème brûlée. These hues are easy on the eyes and will give your kitchen the illusion of space.

For walkerzanger.com written by Raz James