Walker Zanger’s Studio Moderne™ collection is an innovative collection of ceramic tile and stone aimed at fusing Hollywood Regency, Art Deco and Classic Modernism influences into a path toward truly transcendent design that goes beyond the boundaries of the kitchen and bath.

The collection looks to inspire the creation of distinctive architectural focal points in a variety of use cases, from dining room walls to outdoor patios.

Noted designer Michael Berman created Studio Moderne for Walker Zanger, and he recently joined an episode of The Showroom to share his insights about the collection, design, and his work at the Christopher Kennedy Compound in Palm Springs, Florida.

The Christopher Kennedy Compound

As part of Modernism Week 2019, Berman joined an all-star cast of designers to create the show house for the event at the Christopher Kennedy Compound.

“Because I design products … it’s really important for me to use my products and show how it can be inspiring to other designers and end-users,” he said. “In addition to that, of course, the concept behind a designer working on a showcase house is that we want to attract attention. We want to attract customers. We want to attract potential buyers.”

The most important aspect, however, is the freedom afforded by such projects.

“Most of all, it’s like a painter’s palette for me. It’s a blank canvas, and to be able to do your own thing and create your own look without too much input from a particular client is really kind of a cool thing,” he said.

Berman is no stranger to bold, unique design, and this project was no exception, including features such as a porthole to allow natural light into the master bathroom that converts to a mirror in the master bedroom when closed.

The designers were instructed to create an environment that felt “contemporary, sculptural and luxe” – and Berman turned to Walker Zanger.

In the master bath, which the owners of the house wanted to exude a modern, spa-like and restful quality, Berman turned to Walker Zanger’s Fragments Terrazo Bardiglio to provide a sturdy surface on a bench between a pair of vanities without sacrificing a beautiful aesthetic.

Berman also leveraged his Studio Moderne collection to elevate the design and texture of the master bathroom, providing interest on walls and floors without business or overcrowding. For example, the Petite Claremont and Claremont Dimensional work in harmony in different areas of the space, playing off and enhancing one another.

Combined with the master bedroom, the bathroom’s aesthetic creates a unique blend of popping color in the bedroom and modern simplicity in the bathroom and outdoor spa area that still maintains consistency and continuity in design and intention.

Berman and Walker Zanger: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Berman began his relationship with Walker Zanger as a customer more than two decades ago, and his love affair with the company’s capabilities has continued ever since.

Now, for over a decade, he’s been working with the company to create lasting and beautiful Studio Moderne collections that help designers like himself inspire through purposeful and intentional design.

“Everything’s been really wonderful as far as the working relationship with the people at Walker Zanger,” he said. “I think it probably goes both ways. I have a way of working that’s easy. … The way that they actually photograph my product, I’m beyond satisfied and thrilled.”

Berman said he’s been particularly excited about Walker Zanger’s commitment to innovating design and manufacturing capabilities to bring never-before-seen products, shapes, and more to the industry.

To learn more about how Studio Moderne can elevate your next design, contact Walker Zanger today.