Recommended tips for selecting a countertop that speaks to you, by guest blogger Ariel Richardson

Most say home is where the heart is. Well for me, and I think most people out there would agree, the kitchen is where the heart is. It’s where most of my time is spent and the most vital space in my entire house. When designing a kitchen, the design is almost always centered around your countertops. They are the staple piece and most visually appealing aspect of the room. Choosing the right material and pattern is the most critical point of the design process and sets the stage for your space.  

When you get to the point of picking countertops, there are countless options and it can be hard to not only decide what piece is right for the room, but to also know for certain you are picking the perfect slab. With all the money and time you invest into this, you want to know that you’ll be happy with your counters for years after installment.

With countless designs under my belt, I believe i’ve mastered the process of picking the perfect slab – like it’s an art! Let’s get to the basics:

Classic vs. What’s Trending

Your Instagram feed and Pinterest boards are likely filled with the trendiest, most up-to-date designs. That’s what gives all of us the inspiration to create our dream homes. However, with countertops I recommend selecting a classic finish instead of “what’s in” at this moment in time. By picking a trendy finish, this will likely lead you to wanting to re-do your space in the next five to ten years with the next big thing.

Know What You Want

Before visiting a slab yard, it will benefit you to have a general idea of what you want so you don’t get overwhelmed during the selection process. Whether that’s determined by personal preference or cost, knowing if you want MarbleGranite or Quartzite in advance will really narrow down the selection process. Each Walker Zanger showroom will have a variety of material, and even if you know what material you want, it’s important not to settle for the first one you see. Be sure you have the opportunity to view all of the materials that might work well for your project and get a feel for what you are falling in love with. When you’ve come across the right slab, you’ll know.

Look and Feel

This is the most important part. Depending on the vibe you are going for, soothing or calm, high contrast, or bold, this process is the same. Keep an eye out for cracks in the slabs, as sometimes this could mean it was previously mishandled. It’s also important to look at the veining, notice how it is moving through the slab and determine how this would accentuate your space. Some have glittery flakes, some don’t. Some may look different in certain lighting than others, and some may not. Keep in mind all of the different variables that play in – such as cabinet color, lighting and wall color before pulling the trigger. In order to be completely pleased with your countertops, be sure to look at all the slabs before making your selection so there are no surprises upon installation.

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Ariel Richardson is the founder and lead designer of ASR Design Studio + VIDA. Ariel and her team believe that the foundation of every space starts with functionality, which is based around your lifestyle, your family, and your aesthetics. Infusing your personality and the unique traits of your home, Ariel can help you create a space that you can truly call home. As a native Californian, Ariel has a deep appreciation for spaces that reflect the California Coastal Lifestyle: Approachable, Elegant, Modern, and Airy. She holds a Masters of Interior Architecture and has been honing her passion for interior design over the past 13 years.  “A well-designed space has the power to help us re-charge our batteries and thrive in life.”  – Ariel Richardson.