The Showroom with Walker Zanger presents Susan Ferrier and Her Favorite Evocative Interior Design Projects

Award-winning designer Susan Ferrier of Susan Ferrier Interiors joined Walker Zanger and Convo By Design this month for a stimulating discussion on designing emotive spaces. By sharing some of her most memorable and defining interior projects, Ferrier gave a masterclass in how to create evocative interiors.

Highlights from The Showroom with Susan Ferrier

On the process of designing a space for a client

Interior spaces should be a self-portrait of who you are, Ferrier says. “It is my role to play private investigator to figure out what they love and what is important to them.”

On maximalism

While Ferrier does not consider herself a maximalist, she finds it essential to fill a space—but to do so thoughtfully. “Nobody likes a loose glove or a glove that is too tight.”

On editing spaces

Ferrier emphasizes layering a space and going back to the previous layer before starting a new one. She says the editing process evolves as you advance through the project. “You know you are done when it strikes a balance in color, texture, lines, and form.”

On accessories and tile choices

According to Ferrier, accessories need to illustrate the space’s story, and the same can be said about tile choices in a kitchen backsplash. “I prefer an accessory that is one large gesture than many tiny ones. It’s important to tell one story well instead of having many conversations.”

Creating Drama: 2017 Kips Bay Showhouse

Challenges often present themselves when developing daring spaces. Ferrier’s moody 2017 Kips Bay Showhouse space was no exception. Presented with an unattractive layout that was unable to be fixed with construction, Ferrier decided to bathe the room in shadows in an attempt to conceal it. The result: one of her most daring and atmospheric interiors to date.

Marble Moments: Ferrier’s Lavish Tutor Home

Ferrier’s own home in Atlanta proved one of her most significant design feats. After purchasing an abandoned, foreclosed home, Ferrier saw an opportunity to take a property down to the studs and design a high-contrast design thesis without compromise. Her luxe kitchen and butler’s pantry are testaments to this vision: the decadent marble countertops draped around the space is a work of art, complemented by dark, brooding cabinets.

From Kips Bay Showhouse to the renovation of her own home, Susan Ferrier has mastered the art of expressive spaces.

The Work of Susan Ferrier