National Tile Day marks a moment to appreciate the beauty, durability, and versatility of tile. We’re taking this opportunity to spotlight transformative tile collections that redefine spaces with innovative designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. Continue reading to explore how some of our distinct collections can transform any project, making every space unique.


The Geometric collection introduces a bold approach to using marble in design. With its three-dimensional tiles, this collection offers a dynamic range of colors and finishes, ideal for creating eye-catching feature walls or adding depth to interior designs. The precision and innovation behind each piece in the Geometric collection enable designers to transform spaces that stand out.

Featured here: Geometric Lilac Fluted


Drawing inspiration from the casual elegance of café culture, the Café collection offers a versatile selection of handmade subway tiles. Available in various finishes and hues, these tiles are perfectly suited for enhancing kitchen backsplashes, restaurant bars, or any space where practicality meets style. The Café collection proves that simple designs can create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere.

Featured here: Café Milk Crackle


The Biseau collection revisits the glamour of French Art Deco with a modern twist. Featuring rich colors complemented by mirrored accents, these tiles offer a unique way to incorporate the allure of Art Deco into contemporary spaces. The Biseau collection is designed to captivate, adding a luxurious and dimensional aspect to walls and spaces seeking a touch of elegance.

Featured here: Biseau Maritime Hexagon Gloss

Villa D’ Oro

Villa D’Oro explores decorative arts across the Mediterranean, presenting tiles that echo historical designs with a contemporary color palette and scale. This collection is an invitation to incorporate elements of European romanticism and cultural depth into modern design projects, offering tiles that serve as both decorative and narrative elements for any space.

Featured here: Villa D’ Oro Cafe Granada Polished


The Shimmer collection marries old-world craftsmanship with contemporary design, featuring glass tiles that capture and reflect light in unique ways. Designed for spaces that aim to soothe and inspire, Shimmer tiles offer a minimalist option for creating serene environments with a touch of shine.

Featured here: Shimmer Sand Dunes Surf Mosaic (Left Shower Wall), Shimmer Sand Dunes Sea Hex Mosaic (Floor)

In this dynamic world of luxury tile design, these transformative tiles offer a rich array of possibilities, allowing designers to create spaces that captivate and inspire. Be sure to explore Walker Zanger’s vast collection of tiles, and visit a showroom near you.