Walker Zanger Brings to Life a Designer’s Vision

Art driven tile play has become a way of the design world, this is why we’re thrilled to announce New York City interior designer Pietta Donovan has collaborated with our team at Walker Zanger to introduce an imaginative set of encaustic (cement) and ceramic tiles to the world of tile and stone. This lively and interactive collection pays homage to the vibrant spirit of 70’s era psychedelic wallpaper and design as well as Pietta Donovan’s colorful upbringing in Australia’s unique landscape. Featuring geometric shapes in calm neutral shades and coordinating bold jewel tones, the collection is an evocative throwback revisited and reimagined in a fresh new form. 

“Working with Walker Zanger on this collection has been a transformative and refreshing experience,”

Pietta Donovan

To encourage designers and consumers to tap into their creative freedom, we’ve chosen this year’s Westedge Design Fair for the collection debut. Westedge Design Fair continuously presents inspiring modern designs along with the opportunity to meet and learn from the creative minds who’ve brought them there. This year, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Pietta Donovan Collection at the Southern California fair.  

“We’re thrilled to launch this fresh, energetic collection with a designer that offers the industry a new perspective on tile.”

Erika Egede-Nissen

Director of Marketing at Walker Zanger

The Pietta Donovan Collection is a bold and balanced artful palette of handmade tiles that emphasizes pattern play, bright colors and new shapes, each invigorating the spaces they dwell in with depth and emotion. The tile designs allow the end-user to make design decisions that suit their personal taste and to control the process of introducing pattern to their environment by providing the dexterity to connect, turn, flip and repeat tiles to customize an installation and cater to a variety of aesthetics. Subtle neutrals join bold turquoises, deep navy blues, lush emeralds, a golden marigold and dusty pink to evoke a familiar yet current sensation.

The collection is ideal for variations of tile patterns on floors, walls, vertical installations, wet locations, and large-scale hospitality environments. 

Available in nine solid colors, the ceramic (ceramic link) tiles also come in five unique geometric shapes that can be arranged into numerous pattern designs—from maximal to minimal. Hand crafted at our factory in San Miguel De Allende, the Pietta Donovan ceramic tile is crafted under the watchful eyes of Walker Zanger Artisans throughout the entire creation process. 

The cement tiles feature the collection’s signature ‘70s-inspired patterns and distinct colorways, each tile adorned in kaleidoscopic shapes, sharp lines and rounded corners. Though these tiles are multifunctional and can be used both inside and outside, they are ideal for installations where the playfulness and flexibility of each tile’s pattern can truly come to life on a grand scale. Inspired by her nostalgia for the past, tessellations, the bright light and intense colors of Australia, and neenish tarts—an Australian pastry beloved by her mother—each tile was designed with care and purpose.

For a behind-the-tile experience and additional information on the Pietta Donovan collection, click here.