Welcome to an inside look at a home transformed with the impeccable craftsmanship of Walker Zanger tile and stone, designed by Stephen Gabor at Gabor Design Group. This project showcases a blend of unique textures, colors, and patterns that elevate each room. Continue reading as we explore each space, highlighting the exceptional materials that bring this home to life.

Bathroom 1: A Symphony in White

Step into this serene bathroom oasis, where 6th Avenue tile in White Chevron takes center stage. This collection is handcrafted in Walker Zanger’s ceramic studio, offering a versatile and durable finish.

The chevron pattern has a sleek and glossy finish adding a dynamic visual appeal. With over 100 available colors in the 6th Avenue Collection, this room demonstrates the endless possibilities of custom design.

Bathroom 2: Deco Drama

The second bathroom pays homage to the Jazz Age with the Ellington Collection. Here, luxurious marble and limestone are accented with graphic metallic details in brass, copper, and stainless steel.

The Ellington Pierre Ebony/Copper tiles create a bold, dramatic statement, while the Infinity Leather Quartzite countertop introduces a rich, organic texture. This bathroom blends modern edge with historical flair, creating a space that’s both visually striking and richly textured.

Bathroom 3: Moorish Magic

In the third bathroom, the Andalucia Collection brings an artisanal touch to the walls. Andalucia Blanco Matte Fez tiles inspired by traditional Moorish architecture, showcase a dimensional, glazed terra cotta with a sophisticated antique patina. The intricate patterns offer a timeless look, marrying tradition with contemporary design.

Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is another testament to the beauty and versatility of Quartzite. The Leather Infinity Quartzite slab adds a stunning focal point, with its veining that mimics the elegance of marble with the durability of granite.

Sourced from Brazil, each slab is hand-selected by Walker Zanger’s expert stone team, ensuring that every piece is a masterpiece. This natural stone elevates the kitchen, making it a functional workspace and a visual delight.

Bar: Sip and Savor

The bar area continues the theme of natural luxury with another exquisite Leather Infinity Slab. The unique textures and hues of the Quartzite stone create an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining.

The bar’s design integrates seamlessly with the home’s overall aesthetic providing a cohesive yet distinct space for relaxation and socialization.

This home, brought to life by a collaboration between Walker Zanger and Gabor Design Group, is a showpiece of design innovation and craftsmanship. Each room tells a story, crafted with materials that stand the test of time and bring character to every corner.

Explore the endless possibilities of Walker Zanger products at a showroom near you, and let your imagination run wild.