Interior Design Michael Berman coined the phrase Barefoot Luxury when he used Walker Zanger’s Fragments Terrazzo for flooring in a modern Palm Springs bathroom. We have expanded that luxurious sensation to your fingertips with Fragments Terrazzo slabs. Now you can perfectly match your white or grey terrazzo tiles with slabs perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces.  

Explore the Fragments Terrazo Collection

Fragments is available in Bardiglio Plumbeo a perfectly subtle grey and Carrara a striking white with moments that glisten. These colors are sold across our showrooms, in honed and polished finishes, 24X24X3/4 inch tiles, and 2CM polished & honed slabs.

You’ve noticed terrazzo for a long time underfoot at museums and airports – but have you ever stopped to ask – what is terrazzo? 

Terrazzo is a marble-based medley with a cement binder. The marble materials are attained from the fractured marble pieces that are not suitable for processing into blocks or slabs. Quite simply, beautiful marble is mixed with cement and baked into striking tiles and slabs. This process creates a surface that offers designers greater uniformity of color and grain, in addition to sturdy mechanical characteristics. Fragments Terrazzo is tested according to the strict DIN 18500 standards, and are perfectly suited to any construction requirement. Dream big with Terrazzo.  

With that, it is no wonder that Terrazzo is once again enjoying renewed popularity. This surface is a great way to bring a bit of personality to a dreamy white kitchen. Terrazzo is a practical, timeless, and economical surface. Bring a bit of marble to your next design with a durable installation of Fragments Terrazzo, available in slabs or tile.