600 Madison Avenue

600 Madison sits on the corner of Madison & 58th street in the heart of the plaza district, one block away from the plaza hotel & the entrance to Central Park. The building was developed in the late 60’s and is still one of the only family owned office buildings in Manhattan today.

Walker Zanger took an active role in this project, by providing more than just materials. Walker Zanger, along with the building owners and Architect for the project, traveled to France to find the perfect stone that would establish the designer’s idea of unification and movement. In France, the group found Light Bleu De Savoie Marble. In Virginia, the group decided on Jet Mist Granite for the flooring. To compliment all the stones, Walker Zanger also provided customized glass panels for the elevator walls.

As you can see, the building’s recent remodel features materials from all over the world. The goal of this redesign was to create an experience that was unique to 600 Madison with materials that unified the space and celebrated movement. The wall panels are flanked with vertical light coves, that create a processional that lead you to the reception area – a true work of art!

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