Avenue of Possibilities: The 6th Avenue Collection

Designed for Designers

Walker Zanger’s signature 6th Avenue Collection is nothing short of a designers’ dream come true.

Available in a staggering array of colors and styles, these gorgeous handmade tiles and mosaics make it easier than ever for designers to take their visions into reality without having to compromise for availability.

Walker Zanger selected its 10 most popular tile colors as stock “tier one” colors for 6th Avenue tile and mosaic products, providing designers with an excellent integrative palette for creating unforgettable elevated spaces. 

Yet Walker Zanger doesn’t stop there.

We make 6th Avenue products available in a staggering array of over 100 colors, allowing designers to precisely match product hues in even the most unique design palettes.

Exclusively Handcrafted

However, 6th Avenue is more than just an expansive palette for designers. It’s also a collection that’s remarkably luxurious, despite its surprisingly affordable pricing.

6th Avenue is manufactured by hand in our very own ceramic studio facility. This allows us to maintain exceptional quality control over the product while minimizing the lead times for special-ordered styles.

Unlike other varieties of handmade tile that require nearly a half-year of lead time, many 6th Avenue products can be made to order and shipped in as little as 6-8 weeks, allowing designers to better fit construction and renovation timetables. And because Walker Zanger insists upon using only fresh ceramic glazes, the expansive array of “tier three” colors can be handcrafted and shipped in as little as 10-12 weeks.

Of course, this means that 6th Avenue is available exclusively from Walker Zanger, a fact that means designers can rely upon the premium quality of these products.

Unmatched Quality

The luxurious beauty and versatility of 6th Avenue is matched only by its exceptional quality. 6th Avenue tile and mosaic products are constructed of white body ceramics, a much denser and far more durable grade of ceramic material similar to porcelain.

This high-grade white body ceramic makeup allows these tiles to be rated for use in residential flooring, a rare feature for ceramic tiles such as these. Further, 6th Avenue’s aligned selection of mosaic tiles are rated for use in shower floors, offering designers a clear indication of the level of quality these products represent.

For interior designers crafting spaces steeped in luxury, consistency and quality are huge concerns, especially when designing with handmade tile products such as these. 

But not with 6th Avenue. Designers will appreciate the fact that these products are backed by the more than seven decades of premium quality that the Walker Zanger brand represents.

The Designer’s Ultimate Resource

Over the years, designers have learned to rely upon Walker Zanger as a one-stop shop for delivering true affordable luxury, as well as for offering product lines that remain at the forefront of design trends and styles.

Our 6th Avenue Collection delivers both in spectacular fashion, providing an incredible “go-to” resource for intrepid interior designers.

This is exactly why Walker Zanger considers 6th Avenue its quintessential core collection. It’s difficult to imagine such a durable, versatile, and luxurious collection of premium quality products coming from anyone else but Walker Zanger.

Explore the 6th Avenue Collection today. Chances are, you’ll want to make it an integral part of your designer palette, and set yourself free to design without any limitations but your own imagination.